Legacy of Hope Nyatike Well Drilling

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Hands2Serve is a non-profit founded by Chiropractors to bring chiropractic care, health education, and hygiene training to under resourced areas around the world. In 2016, we began doing mission trips to Migori, Kenya to support a small village and school in a rural area called Nyatike. This village is home to the Legacy of Hope Academy, a school which now has nearly 300 students from pre-school thru 5th grade. During these trips we have identified the lack of basic resources and access to health/hygiene education and training as a major barrier to health in this community. Our mission is to provide the villages we serve with health education and hygiene training, including an emphasis on bringing Chiropractic care and education about chiropractic to the region.

The greatest need that has been identified in this village is access to clean water. Last summer we installed a handwashing station and a 10,000 liter rain collection unit at the school, but rain collection is not reliable during all seasons of the year, and this village can sometimes go months without any rainfall during the dry season. The only other option for this village was contaminated river water about 1 mile away.

Hands2Serve is currently fundraising for a well to be drilled for the Legacy of Hope Academy and the village of Nyatike. We are partnering with Hydrating Humanity for this project. The access to clean water in this village would massively enhance the possibility of improving health and hygiene in this area we serve!!

**UPDATE**: Hydrating Humanity has successfully drilled a 300 ft deep well, complete with double casing and washed gravel filtration. The flow rate is slightly above 5 gallons per minute. The school is quite eager to access this water, but in order to do that, the concrete station, pump preparation, and pump installation must be completed! We are continuing to fundraise for completion of this project!!

Please prayerfully consider partnering with Hands2Serve in this fundraising campaign! Every donation we receive moves us one step closer to completing this transformational project that will enhance the lives and health of those we serve! Your generosity and support is appreciated more than you know!!

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